Michael Jordan’s Generosity Following the 9/11 Attacks

Michael Jordan pic
Michael Jordan
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An economics graduate from the University of New Hampshire, Evan Loring serves as a senior manager at MSDI, a company based in Pembroke, Massachusetts. During his free time, Evan Loring plays several sports, including football, baseball, and basketball. He considers basketball player Michael Jordan one of his favorite athletes.

After several early challenges – including not making his high school’s basketball varsity team on the first try and only ranking third overall in the 1984 draft – Michael Jordan went on to become arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. With six NBA championships and five most valuable player awards under his belt, Jordan is a legend in the sport.

However, what many people are unfamiliar with is his generosity. During his first year out of retirement, Jordan played with the Washington Wizards, which offered him a salary of $1 million. He donated to the entirety of that amount to the recovery efforts following the 9/11 attacks. Jordan claims it was his way of giving back and aiding those who were in need at the time.


Important Drills for Any Wide Receiver

Wide Receiver Drills pic
Wide Receiver Drills
Image: active.com

Based in Pembroke, Massachusetts, Evan Loring oversees annual budgeting operations for business enterprises in his role as senior cloud solutions manager at MSDI. A former college football player, Evan Loring has also worked for years coaching collegiate-level wide receivers.

One of the offensive positions on a football team, wide receiver encompasses the group of players that catch forward passes and run for yards down the field. Their ability to run the ball makes these players some of the most important players on the offensive line. As such, wide receivers must cultivate all the speed and agility they need to play successfully.

In order to build these skillsets, wide receivers must engage in a number of specific practice drills that aid with everything from catching to conditioning. Agility bag drills are one exercise that these players can use to practice synchronizing their hands and feet throughout catch-and-run plays. During these drills, wide receivers weave between three agility bags to practice breaking and planting. Without stopping, they should then turn from the bags to catch a ball and run it.

The side-to-side drill is another important exercise that wide receivers can use to enhance their conditioning and movement. Two players should start by standing five yards apart. After facing one another, they will run sideways for several yards and exchange a ball between them. To make this drill even more effective, players should focus on maintaining bodily control throughout their movements.

Can’t-Miss Experiences in Budapest

Kehli Vendeglo pic
Kehli Vendeglo
Image: tripadvisor.com

As senior cloud solutions manager at MSDI, Evan Loring works with international companies to deliver cost-effective IT and data storage solutions. Outside of his professional pursuits, Evan Loring enjoys traveling abroad to Budapest, Hungary.

With several World Heritage sites and notable districts, Budapest is a city steeped in rich history. Whether you want to delve into this past or see the best of modern society, there are a number of spots that you should visit during your stay. Here are a few of Budapest’s can’t-miss experiences:

A Meal at Kehli Vendeglo
This historic restaurant has been in operation for more than a century but still draws many customers through its doors today. Here, you will find a wide array of authentic Hungarian dishes like the traditional hot-pot. No matter what day of the week you may visit, you can hear Gypsy or Austrian folk music during your dinner.

Visiting the Nightlife Scene
Many flock to Budapest to partake in its vibrant nightlife culture, which primarily sits among the city’s District VII. When you walk through the streets, you will stumble upon Gozsdu Udvar’s eateries and favorite hangout locations such as Spinoza Café and Gozsdu Sky Terrace.

Soaking in a Thermal Bath
Thermal water runs throughout Budapest, which provides ample opportunities for you to soak in one of the city’s many thermal baths. For beautiful sights as well as a relaxing experience, you should visit the popular Szechenyi Bath. Budapest is also home to the Kiraly Bath, which has welcomed bathers for the last 500 years.