Join the SCCA and Become an Amateur Road Racer

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Sports Car Club of America

A dedicated sports fan and former receivers coach for the Harvard University football team, Evan Loring currently serves as senior manager at MSDI, a Massachusetts-based consulting firm specializing in data storage and performance tuning. Outside his professional life, Evan Loring maintains membership with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA).

SCCA offers numerous programs and resources for road racing, a popular sport organized into multiple levels of competition. To become a road racer, you must first join SCCA and undergo a physical examination by a doctor. Next, you must submit all required paperwork and pay a $125 fee. Once you have enrolled in and successfully completed a driver’s school program, you will obtain your SCCA Full Competition License and be eligible for races across the country.

Competitive road racers can register for local racing events, as well as the US Majors Tour, in which the nation’s top amateur drivers compete against one another.