Harvard’s Little Red Flag

Harvard little red flag


A senior director at Congruity, an information technology solutions company based in Massachusetts, Evan Loring works to grow the firm’s enterprise business segments. Prior to his position at Congruity, Evan Loring served as the receivers coach for the Harvard football team. Harvard, an American university with a rich history, has many traditions, one of which appears at every Harvard vs. Yale football game.

Harvard and Yale have one of the oldest sports rivalries in the nation, making the Harvard-Yale game an annual expedition for many alumni. At each game, fans can count on seeing the “little red flag,” a crimson flag on which an olive green “H” is embroidered.

Just like Harvard, the flag has a rich history, stretching all the way back to 1884 when Frederick Plummer, at freshman at the time, attached it to the end of a walking stick and took it to the Harvard-Yale game. It reappeared at every Harvard-Yale game for many years until Plummer died in 1949.

After Plummer’s death, the Harvard fan with the distinction of attending the most Harvard-Yale games began carrying the flag. It changed hands several times until 2001, when Friends of Harvard Football bestowed the honor on William Markus, an alumnus who was designated a “superfan” and has diligently supported Harvard and its athletic program. These days, the original flag is kept in a secret location on Harvard’s campus until the annual Harvard-Yale football game.


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