MSDI Offers Premium Post-Warranty Support

MSDI pic

An IT professional based in Pembroke, Massachusetts, Evan Loring is a senior manager with MSDI, where he oversees annual IT budgets for large enterprise corporations. Evan Loring also sells new solutions to large companies and reviews support and maintenance costs for existing clients.

In addition to its numerous hardware solutions, MSDI offers comprehensive post-warranty support for servers, network devices, and storage. The company employs a team of expert engineers, many of whom hold high-level certifications on several OEM platforms. The engineering and support teams at MSDI help companies reduce their operating expenses by maximizing the lifespan of existing hardware infrastructure, without ever pressuring clients to upgrade their infrastructure.

Post-warranty support at MSDI includes on-site spare kits, which help companies replace commonly failing components and minimize data loss due to downtime. The engineering team boasts an average response time of less than 10 minutes, thanks to a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center. MSDI also conducts proactive monitoring of client systems, identifying potential sources of failure and ensuring peak performance at all times.